I Hear You Episode 24 English Subbed

I Hear You
An uncanny meeting ignites a cute love story between a girl and a musical genius after their paths cross because of a reality show. Bei Erduo (Zhao Lusi) comes from an ordinary family. She loves music and has always dreamed of becoming a voice actor. She hopes to study abroad in Japan in order to pursue a career in the field, but her mother believes that the only thing she should aim for is to marry a rich man. Bei Erduo is sick of hearing the same story over and over again. In order to save enough money for school and help a friend in need, she is forced by her circumstances to join a dating reality show. Through the show, she meets Ye Shuwei (Riley Wang), a world-class luthier from a distinguished family. Hailing from a family of artists, Ye Shuwei is musically-inclined and has a mysterious and god-like status in the world of music. After losing a bet to his nephew Yu Sheng (Yuan Hao), Ye Shuwei has no choice but to help Yu Sheng out by going on the reality show. Truth be told, another reason why Ye Shuwei has decided to go on the show is because he is searching for the person with the perfect ear. Somehow, Bei Erduo and Ye Shuwei end up living together.

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