Study Together (2021) Episode 26 English Subbed

Study Together (2021)

Tang Tiaotiao's grades have always been bad. She often dozes off during class and gets singled out by the teachers for a scolding. However, she forges a grudge with straight-A student Qiao Xiaofeng after thinking that he deliberately tried to embarrass her.

In fact, Tang Tiaotiao (Zhong Yifan) has been out to get Qiao Xiaofeng (Li Junhao) ever since their encounter at the art festival that was exacerbated by her losing the position of class monitor to him. However, she has a change of heart after she sees Qiao Xiaofeng helping indigenous children. She starts to regard him as a role model and through the help of her teachers and classmates, her grades improve by leaps and bounds.

Meanwhile, Qiao Xiaofeng is more than happy to help Tiaotiao. He observes that Tiaotiao doesn't receive enough attention from her parents so he arranges a special parent-teacher conference with Teacher Wang. He invites Tiaotiao's mother to attend so that Tiaotiao can feel the warmth of family. As Tiaotiao and Xiaofeng's friendship grows, they also help other students in overcoming their own shadows.

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