The Legends Episode 30 English Subbed

The Legends
A one of a kind xianxia story with the right amount of action, humor, cuteness and drama that is told from the POV of the master of a Demon Sect. After her 'death', she is determined to regain her place ass King. Lu Zhao Yao (Bai Lu) is the fearless leader of Wan Lu Men. She falls into a dangerous situation while she was attempting to claim the sword that the Old Demon King left behind. She mistakenly assumes Mo Qing (Xu Kai) to be the culprit who betrayed her. Five years later, Lu Zhao Yao manages to establish a connection with Qin Zhi Yan (Xiao Yan) of the Immortal Sect. She also returns to Wan Lu Man, hoping to reclaim her position as the leader. However, Mo Qing has already taken back his identity as Li Chen Lan, the son of the Demon King, and currently sits in the center of power. Lu Zhao Yao entices him to steal another sword for her sake while she colludes with Jiang Wu (Dai Chao) with a scheme of her own. Contrary to expectations, Lu Zhao Yao gets kidnapped by Jiang Wu instead. Secrets from the past are revealed and Lu Zhao Yao realizes who her enemies are and who has stayed by her side all along.

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