Never Gone (2018) Episode 22 English Subbed

Never Gone (2018)
A story revolving around young men and women who experience searching for love, losing it and growing from it. Su Yun Jin (Yang Zi Shan) and Cheng Zheng (Elvis Han) have known each other since high school. Cheng Zheng is attracted to Su Yun Jin, but he doesn't know how to express it well and often renders Yun Jin unsure about whether to laugh or cry. Although Yun Jin starts to develop feelings for Cheng Zheng, she knows that their personalities and family background are vastly different, so she purposely avoids Cheng Zheng's advancements. After getting into college, Cheng Zheng transfers into the same school as Yun Jin and continues to pursue her. They finally get together but the pressures from life after graduation cause a strain in their relationship. Yun Jin throws herself into work while Cheng Zheng is frustrated about her lack of time for him. Misunderstandings pile up and the two fall further apart until Su Yun Jin breaks up with Cheng Zheng. Will they be able to find each other again?

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